British Airways Unveils ‘Dove’ Plane for 2012 Olympic Games

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Designed by Pascal Anson the 'Dove' will be in service for one year to commemorate the London 2012 Olympic Games.

British Airways is welcoming the London 2012 Games with nine new birds. The airline unveiled the first in a series of limited edition Olympics-inspired aircrafts.

The “Dove,” designed by Pascal Anson, lives up to its name. The gold-hued custom paint job uses the cockpit as a beak, the center of the Airbus A319 for the body and the tailfin as tail feathers. Anson, who was mentored by artist Tracey Emin as part of British Airways’ Great Britons program, unveiled the plane at London’s Heathrow Airport Tuesday.

Emin is a fan of Anson’s peaceful conception. “The first time I saw Pascal’s design it made me smile. I like the way it brings back the excitement of travel too,” the Turner-prize nominated artist told the Daily Telegraph.

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Flying symbols of peace aren’t the only plans the airline has for celebrating the Games. This summer passengers onboard selected flights from London can enjoy a special menu created by Michelin-stared chef Simon Hulstone inspired by the year London last hosted the Olympic Games – 1948.

A short film by Prasanna Puwanarajah entitled “Boy” about a man who works at the London Olympic Park will also be shown on British Airways flights until September.