Yes, Journalists, You Can Instagram the 2014 Sochi Olympics

No need to hide your phone under the table -- sharing photos is very much allowed, despite previous reports

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Don’t believe the headlines, media folks: there will be no ban on tweeting, Facebooking, or Instagramming your photos at the Sochi Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee clarified on Monday that journalists will be allowed to use Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms to post images of the 2014 Winter Olympics. International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams emailed USA Today“Please take as many photos as you like! Sharing pix on social media positively encouraged.”

The IOC issued the clarification after multiple reports surfaced that journalists would not be allowed to use smartphones or any other “non-professional” equipment to post photos of the games. Russia’s state-run sports agency reportedly said that using mobile devices to shoot and post video would violate broadcast restrictions and lead to their accreditation being canceled. That practice is still banned due to the Olympics broadcasting contracts, but the IOC sought to assure journalists that posting still photos is highly encouraged and they wouldn’t lose their press rights because of it.

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